Mississippi Genealogical Society has a new meeting place -- Christway Commons at Christway Church in Flowood on Old Fannin Road.  This is the meeting area in the rear of the church and the address for accessing this area is 111 Cox Avenue, Flowood.  Drivers will follow the road around to the parking area and go in the designated door.  We are grateful to our Vice-President, Karen McKlemurry, for finding this possibility and to the MGS Board for approving the move and agreement.  The majority of our meetings and gatherings will happen here. 

Please join us for the July 2024 MGS Meeting

One of our new president's ideas is more meetings and we are going to start this month.  We will stick with our third Saturday pattern, but will add more months in which we meet.  Check 'Upcoming Events' page for details of this and other meetings.

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